Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Group Report

Group Report: Rater Only

The Group Report calculates and summarizes average MLQ Rater Form scores for a group of participants.

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Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire: Rater Form
Group Report
by Bernard M. Bass and Bruce J. Avolio
Copyright © 1996, 2013, 2015 by Bernard M. Bass and Bruce J. Avolio

Group Reports save time by providing group calculations and limited interpretation. Requires purchase of Transform™ Survey Hosting: Rater Form in order to make data available for the Group Report. For more information about Group Reports, see our Transform Delivery Options.

If you want to add a Group Report to an existing campaign, contact Mind Garden to specify which campaign.

View Report Section Titles

The Full Range Leadership Model
Making the Most of This Report
Full-Range Leadership Profile Aggregate Scores
Group Agreement
Comparison to Norms
Most Frequently Observed Leadership Behaviors
Least Frequently Observed Leadership Behaviors
Complete Ratings of All Items by Scale

To view a sample report, click here.

Avolio, Bruce J.

Bruce J. Avolio, Ph.D., is a Professor of Management at the University of Washington Foster School of Business where he also serves as the Executive Director of the Foster Center for Leadership. His specialties include Leadership Assessment and Designing Micro Development Interventions.

Bass, Bernard M.

Bernard M. Bass, Ph.D. (d. 2007) was a professor emeritus in the School of Management at Binghamton University (State University of New York). He was also the founding director of the Center for Leadership Studies at Binghamton and founding editor of The Leadership Quarterly journal.

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