Transforms the test-taker

Ken Moselle, Avril Thorne, Jessica Ball, David Schuldberg, Joe Christy, Kathy Ann Miller & Andrew Lichterman 

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This unusual personality inventory was developed in the late 1970s by the Dynamical Institute of Psychology, Phycology, and Negative Dialectics (DIPPAND) in Berkeley, California. The authors include a handful of psychologists (Ken Moselle, Jessica Ball, David Schuldberg, Avril Thorne), a dynamical systems mathematician (Joe Christy), a seaweed expert (Kathy Ann Miller), and a legal activist (Andrew Lichterman).

Whereas other personality inventories claim to measure pre-existing qualities of the human personality unmarred by the experience of taking the test, the DIPPAND items were selected for their ability to transform the test-taker. In other words, in the course of providing answers to the items and plotting one's profile, the test taker becomes the type of person indicated by that profile

DIPPAND (short form, first edition)

Following are a series of statements. Read each one and decide how you feel about it. If you agree with a statement, or feel that it is true about you answer T for True. If you disagree with a statement, or feel that it is not true about you answer F for False.

I find it hard to tell when I'm alone. T F
Not much is wrong with the way I walk. T F
I only feel like myself in crowds. T F
Lately things just don't seem the same. T F
Sometimes I can't tell where my mind leaves off and my body begins. T F
Whales deserve everything they get. T F
Likes and dislikes are among my favorites. T F
Sometimes there is an awkward silence when I speak. T F
I am superstitious and so I'm not answering this question. T F
There is often someone behind me. T F
It depresses me that some people design cereal boxes for a living. T F
I am another. T F
My parents refuse to admit I was adopted. T F
I like breathing better than working. T F
Clouds make me feel like I'm in a diorama. T F
There are some things in life you just have to learn to accept. Plates is one of them. T F
My face feels warm and natural. T F
I have always understood the meaning of words. T F
I would rather eat tuna than talk to dolphins. T F
There is probably a spider on the wall. T F
I don't always eat food. T F
I would rather be wet than dry. T F
There's no change like no change. T F
Flying saucers will save us from ourselves. T F
I would rather have color photos of my friends than audio recordings of their voices. T F
My parents refuse to tell me what conditioning techniques they used on me as a child. T F
I would rather throw things than work them through. T F
Examples are the go-cart of judgment (Kant). T F
If you don't answer true to this item, we're going to set this puppy dog on fire. T F
People come into my house while I am asleep and televise my dreams. T F
When I speak to people on the telephone, I'm never sure who they are. T F
I can usually see trouble hiding behind trees. T F
Pets are luckier than people. T F
I am different most of the time. T F
I don't care much for behaviors. T F
I'm not always like this. T F
Sleep is for the weak. T F
The human emotions have never suited me very well. T F
I'd sooner listen. T F
Nature should be punished for its crimes against civilization. T F
I am orthogonal to most people. T F
I wouldn't want to be released on my own recognizance. T F
Nothing is sometimes eluding me. T F
I think it's best to act now while the offer is still good. T F
I don't know my own strength. T F
Talk isn't as cheap as it used to be. T F
I can follow anything with my finger. T F
I can't fit my hand in front of my face. T F
Some colors smell funny. T F
Nothing is too insignificant to exploit. T F
You hide, they seek. (T. Pynchon) T F
Occasionally I speak with a slight limp. T F
Meaning is a matter of opinion. T F
I don't like people messing with my scales. T F
I sometimes think other thoughts. T F
The trouble with men is that they try to be like men. T F
I left my body for another man. T F
Something is never what is seems to be. T F
I have trouble choosing between my legs. T F
Sometimes I feel like I've missed the boat and embarked up the wrong tree. T F
My right hand never knows what my left toe is doing. T F
I would rather light a candle than glow in the dark. T F
If they start looking for you, they will always find someone. T F
Sometimes I suspect that I've taken life out to three decimal points once too often. T F
I would rather multiply than divide. T F
Seven pianos is my favorite number. T F
It's none of my business what I think. T F
Getting up and getting going has never been my forte. T F
I feel less like my body these days. T F
The truth can never be too concrete. T F
I prefer surprises to freeze dried pants (Robin Williams). T F
My body lies over the ocean. T F
I have trouble telling what I'm saying as it's coming out of my mouth. T F
Two things I can't tolerate are cowardice and professionals. T F
Ever since I was a child I've wanted to act badly. T F
I admire people who dare to be dull. T F
Birds breathe too fast. T F
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic and so am I. T F
That would be quite alright with me. T F
Class is always a struggle. T F
I don't have any idea what it means to behave naturally. T F
If wishes were prayers, birthdays would be desperation. T F
I spend most of my waking hours asleep. T F
Onomatopoeia always makes me look like the sounds I make. T F
Memory is no substitute for imagination. T F
Time is everything that goes by when you're standing still. T F
Deep down I know that my personality is a barren wasteland. T F
I prefer paperwork to real life. T F
I only know what I think. T F
I often get lost in space. Three dimensions are too many. T F
People never get my drift. T F
Things will probably get worse. T F
You can't have your cake and lie in it too. T F
A day without anxiety is like a day without sunshine. T F
The square root of the hypotenuse seldom comes up in real life. T F
Anything can trigger a complex. T F
I'm making my life plans and tomorrow isn't in them. T F
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