The word "abuse" means different things to different people. To some, abuse refers only to physical battering that results in a serious injury. To others, abuse also includes harsh criticism that results in devastating self-doubt. In fact, abusive behaviors may include both of these and more. Abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional, or economic. If a dating -- or marital -- partner tries to exert control by using physical force, threats of physical violence, forced sexual activities, or verbal attacks that undermine self-respect, that is abuse.

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Abuse Risk Inventory for Women
For many, abuse is difficult to talk about even with a doctor, other health care professional or social service worker. The ARI makes it a little easier. It is a quick and objective screening device to help identify women who are abused or at risk for abuse.
Understanding and Getting Free of Abuse Workbook
Designed for women, this workbook contains clear explanations of abuse and how to judge if you are at risk of abuse. The workbook can be used as a companion piece to the Abuse Risk Inventory for Women.