Psychological Testing and Assessment Tools for Professors


Are you a professor teaching courses on leadership or psychology or other assessments?

We have been supplying instruments and assessments to professors for 20 years. We have gained a reputation in the academic community for being easy to work with.

Whether you are developing students in leadership and other areas, or teaching them how to use psychological instruments, we can help.

This info will prove useful for educating your students and for understanding psychological testing and assessment tools for professors.

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Assessment and Development

Are you planning to use the MLQ or another assessment in your course syllabus?
We can make it easy for your students to order exactly what you want them to order. We'll customize a webpage on our site just for you. We display only the product for your course. We send you a link which you forward to the students. They click the link, pay with a credit or debit card, and we add them to Your Transform Account for administration of the survey. You can choose when to generate the reports -- either immediately after they take the survey or hold them for release by you.

Paying from a central budget? We can invoice you for payment.

Bestselling assessments for the academic environment include:

Are you teaching students how to choose and use psychological assessment instruments?
We have a wide range of instruments for research. Your students can get them quickly, without certification.

See our list of Products and/or Topics.

Bestselling instruments for student research include:

We offer a 50% discount for some university classes to use our multi-rater reports. Eligibility for this discount is reliant on the course for which you will use the report. This course must be:

  • an undergraduate course; or
  • a course teaching how to administer and interpret psychological assessments.

To prove your eligibility for the discount, you will need to send a copy of the course syllabus and a public link to the course page to