Johnson, Aimee


Dr. Aimee Johnson is a post-doctoral fellow at Wake Forest School of Medicine (Winston-Salem, NC) for the Cancer Prevention and Control, and Social Sciences and Health Policy. Dr. Johnson is a recent graduate of the doctoral program in Psychology at Baylor University with a special emphasis in Experimental Psychology and a minor in Statistics. During her doctoral program, she worked under Dr. Gary Elkins at the Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory. She was selected by the North American Menopause Society for the New Investigator Award for her presentation entitled “Improving sleep in postmenopausal women: Outcome from a randomized trial of Clinical Hypnosis” which also won the Top Scoring Scientific Abstract. Dr. Johnson has co-authored and presented on a number of manuscripts on the subject of mind-body interventions for menopausal women and breast cancer survivors for the management of symptoms as diverse as hot flashes, sexual health, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disturbances.

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