Global Competencies Inventory

The Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) assessment evaluates global competencies critical for effective interaction with people who are different from yourself and reflects 80 different nationalities. These differences can originate from country culture or from ethnic, generational, religious, and other areas.

GCI measures three main components of intercultural effectiveness:

  • Perception Management - How we mentally approach cultural differences.
  • Relationship Management - How we develop and maintain relationships, especially with people from different cultures or ethnic groups, and its level of importance to us.
  • Self-Management - How we cope when faced with the challenges of living or working in a foreign culture.
The GCI has 150 questions and takes most people 45-60 minutes to complete.

A number of translations are available for the GCI. If you are interested in using the GCI with languages other than English, contact the Kozai Group

Three products are available for the GCI: Individual Report, Report about Me, and an Aggregate Report. You can order by clicking on the links below. The GCI is published by the Kozai Group. The links will direct you to a Kozai Group ordering page, you may be contacted by a member of the Kozai Group to answer your questions. If you have questions about the GCI you can contact the Kozai Group at The Mind Garden Transform System administers the GCI so when going through the shopping cart for the GCI, if you are a Mind Garden customer, use your Mind Garden login email and the GCI product will be added to your Mind Garden administration page.

Individual Report The respondents will receive a feedback report that is an easy-to-understand, comprehensive self-development workbook that includes the tools needed to create a personal development plan and serves as a catalyst for individual and organizational growth and transformation. To order: Individual Report

Report About Me The Report About Me is the same report as the Individual Report but you would purchase and take the assessment yourself, you do not invite participants.To order: Report About Me

Aggregate Report The Aggregate Report provides you with the aggregate scores of your participants. It is useful for seeing change because of a class or workshop when participants take the GCI before and after the class or workshop. There is no charge for Aggregate Reports. To order: Aggregate Report