Correctional Officers' Interest Blank


Author: Harrison G. Gough

The Correctional Officers’ Interest Blank (COIB) consists of forty questions about interests and attitudes which, in the course of research spanning about twenty-five years, have been found to have good potential for predicting performance of correctional officers. The COIB is an attitude scale that identifies applicants and officers of both genders who possess the temperament and personal qualities required for work in correctional agencies and institutions. Scoring information is only by special license, primarily restricted to state and federal correctional agencies and penal institutions.

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  • Product Specs

Features of the COIB

Purpose: Identifies applicants and officers who show the temperament and qualities necessary for exceptional performance as a correctional officer

Length: 40 items

Average completion time: 10 minutes

Target population: Applicable for both male and female officers and candidates

Demographics on Form: Age, Gender, Education, Current Occupation, Former or usual occupation

Uses of the COIB

  • Primarily restricted to state and federal correctional agencies and penal institutions