Bem Sex Role Inventory

Group Report: Original Form

Group Report: Original Form

Builds a report that calculates and summarizes average BEM Original Form scores for a group of participants.

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Bem Sex Role Inventory: Original Form (BEM)
Group Report
by Sandra Bem
Copyright © 1994 by Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

A BEM Group Report: Original Form provides group calculations and limited interpretation. Requires purchase of BEM Transform Survey Hosting: Original Form (Data) licenses (to collect the data) and a BEM Group Report: Original Form license (to generate the group report).

To review a sample BEM Group Report: Original Form, please click here.

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Bem Sex Role Inventory Scales
This Group's BSRI Scores
Group Agreement
This Group's BSRI Scores by Gender
Score Interpretation
All Items by Scale

To view a sample report, click here.

Bem, Sandra

Sandra Bem (1944-2014) was an American psychologist known for her work in androgyny and gender studies.

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