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New Pricing Options Available in 2017


Posted on 7 December 2016
by Kyle Henry


Mind Garden has always operated on principles of fairness and trust, and our pricing is reflective of our, “What’s fair to our customers” mentality. To that effect, the simple pricing we set in 1994 has barely changed. We were one of the first companies in our industry to offer immediate online delivery of our materials as our default delivery method. Moving away from the time, cost, and other hassles associated with handling printed materials helped us keep costs low while our competitors were raising prices. With an upgrade to Transform™ in 2009, customers gained more streamlined access to instruments along with various administration options and automated scoring. We priced Transform licenses just 20% more than other licenses; a tremendous value considering the benefits TransformTM offers over other license options (like paper and pencil administration or administration on another platform). With TransformTM customers can easily manage participants, administer surveys with a variety of options, and download a .csv data file of scored raw data by scale in real-time. In addition to low pricing on licenses, we’ve always offered generous volume discounts. Our manuals and interpretive reports offer exceptional value, too.

For the first time in over 20 years, Mind Garden will be changing license pricing effective January 1, 2017. Here are some changes our customers can expect.

  • All license types will be priced uniformly at $2.50 per license as the base price before any volume discounts.
  • For Transform™ Licenses, we will reduce the minimum license purchase to 20 licenses, but other license types will maintain the minimum purchase of 50 licenses.
  • We will still offer generous volume discounts and extend them outward for larger quantity purchases. Customers who wish to purchase large volume licenses through our website will certainly find this helpful.
  • Individual Reports will maintain the same base price, but volume discounts will be extended and more affordable on larger purchases.
  • Groups Reports will have volume discounts available for the first time, making them more accessible to customers to purchase several group reports.
  • Customization services will be enhanced with options for using reports as a motivator. Research customers will find this helpful, as reports can be a powerful motivator for participants to complete a survey, and special pricing will be available to research customers using our customization services.  
  • To ensure continued accessibility for our student customers we will begin offering a student discount of 20%.

While parts of our pricing are changing, customers can continue to expect the same great customer service and high quality instruments you expect from Mind Garden. With these changes we will be able to continue to support developments to offer greater value and options for our customers.