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Our Customer Feedback Survey


Posted on 7 December 2017
by Kyle Henry


In September, Mind Garden completed our first ever customer feedback survey. We reached out to over 12,000 customers and received immense feedback. To our many customers that took time to complete our survey, a huge “thank you!” Your feedback was well received and greatly appreciated. With your feedback, we are better able to understand your needs and use that information to set future goals.

What did we learn from our Customer Feedback Survey?

Customers said that customer service and the ease of working with us are what sets Mind Garden apart in the industry. Respondents ranked our selection of high quality, validated instruments and the variety of administration options, that other companies do not offer, as most important to why they chose to work with Mind Garden. Our reports received top marks, too, with one customer commenting on the value our reports bring to their business. While we were overall pleased with the results of the survey, it also exposed a few areas where we can make improvements.

One area we received helpful feedback was regarding buying options on our website. Our updated website was launched May 2016. Our new website is positively packed with information! Customers can use Your Role to find their path forward with us and Topics to find an instrument based on their needs. Each instrument page includes a wealth of information about the instrument, including references and other related materials. Customers can choose from three administration options, individual and group reports, Reports About Me, and, for some instruments, custom workbooks. We love our website and everything it offers to our customers, but understanding all the information can make it feel cluttered. With feedback from customers, we’re laying the groundwork on changes we think our customers will find helpful.

Mind Garden’s Survey Hosting System, Transform™, is another area in which we received valuable feedback. Transform™ is already a robust human assessment system, but we want to make it even better for our customers and more user-friendly, too. We’re working on short how-to videos to make setting up campaigns and administering surveys clearer. We’re also adding more administrative options, which will mean less time spent asking Mind Garden Support to make changes.

We also learned the need for more regular communication with our customers. We will begin sending customers more regular communication about new products, product information, services offerings, and any specials. Survey respondent also requested a simple, downloadable product list that would show all of our products and services. We also want to continue to solicit feedback from customers, and will follow-up soon after purchases to request your feedback.

Mind Garden is focused on helping our customers accomplish their goals, and setting future objectives to help meet our customers needs. Follow us on social media for the latest updates.