Family Environment Scale

Group Report: Real Form

Group Report: Real Form

Builds a report that calculates and summarizes average FES Real Form scores for a group of participants.

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Family Environment Scales: Real Form (FES)
Group Report
by Rudolf H. Moos and Bernice S. Moos
Copyright © 1974, 1994, 2002, 2009 by Rudolf H. Moos

A FES Group Report: Real Form provides group calculations and limited interpretation. Requires purchase of FES Transform Survey Hosting: Real Form (Data) licenses or FES Individual Report: Real Form licenses (to collect the data) and a FES Group Report: Real Form license (to generate the group report).

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The Family Environment Scale
This Family or Group's Average FES Subscale Scores
Your Family or Group's Subscale Score Averages Compared to a Normative Family Sample
Your Family or Group's Subscale Score Standard Deviations Compared to the Standard Deviations of a Normative Family Sample
FES Item Averages by Subscale
Steps in Assessing and Changing Family Envirionments
An Example of Creating Positive Family Environments from Rudolf H. Moos

To view a sample report, click here.

Moos, Bernice

Bernice S. Moos, Program Systems Analyst and Computer Programmer

Moos, Rudolf H.

Rudolf H. Moos, PhD, is a pioneer in conceptualizing the role of social atmosphere in people's satisfaction. He is a Senior Research Center Scientist at the Department of Veteran Affairs (Palo Alto, CA) and professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University (Stanford, CA).