Hassles & Uplifts

Transformâ„¢ Survey Hosting: Combined Scale

Transform Survey Hosting: Combined Scale (Data)

Allows you to administer the HSUP Combined Scale as an online survey using Mind Garden's Transform™ System. Includes data collection: data file with participants' raw data and raw scale scores. Optionally, Individual Reports can be generated from the collected data - requires the purchase of report licenses. Customization services are available.

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Hassles & Uplifts: Combined Scale (HSUP)
Transform Survey Hosting (Data)

Upon purchase of HSUP Transform Survey Hosting: Combined Scale (Data) licenses, you will receive an email from info@mindgarden.com which includes a login link to your Mind Garden Transform Account where you will admininster the HSUP Combined Scale survey via a campaign. Follow the steps to create the campaign, set the campaign options, invite your participants to complete the survey, and monitor their progress. For other survey delivery options, see Transform Delivery Options.

Reports and Services

  • Purchase HSUP Individual Reports: Combined Scale to provide each participant with an interpretive report of his/her scores. Each HSUP Individual Report: Combined Scale includes one HSUP Transform Survey Hosting: Combined Scale (Data) license and one HSUP Individual Report: Combined Scale license.
  • We can customize your HSUP Combined Scale survey to add informed consent, demographic questions, and other assessments.

Alternative License Types

Folkman, Susan

Susan Folkman, PhD, is known for her contributions to the field of psychological stress and coping. She is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco.

Lazarus, Richard S.

Richard S. Lazarus, PhD, (1922-2002) was a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and was named one of the most influential psychologists in the field by American Psychologist. He was a pioneer in the study of emotion and stress in their relation to cognition.

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