Group Environment Scale

Assesses the social climate of groups and teams

Rudolf H. Moos

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The Group Environment Scale (GES, third edition) has been used in clinical and organizational settings to facilitate group counseling and team building, and to compare members’ and leaders’ views of their group or team. The GES is also useful for encouraging members and leaders to become involved in planning and changing the group or team, and in showing both members and leaders how their behavior influences team climate. All three forms (R, I, E) are included. NOTE: Administration of a single form (R, I, or E) is counted as an administration, while administration of all three forms one time is counted as three administrations.

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The GES Online Survey is available in only one form: Form R.

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About the Group Environment Scale (GES)




The ninety items of the GES are grouped into ten subscales with three dimensions.


Three subscales tap the degree of commitment, concern and friendship group members show for one another, the amount of help, concern and friendship the leaders shows for team members, and the amount that freedom of action and expression of feelings is encouraged in the group.

Personal Growth
System Maintenance and Change

Three dimensions measure the degree of importance of clear organization, structure and rules in the group, as well as the extent to which the leader directs the group, makes decisions and enforces rules, and finally, how much the group promotes diversity and change in its own functions and activities


Applications and Evidence

The GES Manual, Third Edition contains comprehensive information regarding the development and use of the GES scales in sections such as

The Manual Appendices also contain raw-to-standard score conversion tables for both Group Means and Individuals.

Inventory Item Samples

Three types of forms include ninety items to measure subscales.

Real Form: The items are worded asking the members and leaders to describe their current group social environment as they perceive it

A. When members disagree with each other, they usually say so T F
B. Members are expected to take leadership in the group T F

Ideal and Expectations Forms: Allow members and leaders to describe the type of group environment they prefer or their expectations of what a group will be like

A. When members disagree with each other, they will usually say so T F
B. Members will be expected to take leadership in the group T F

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