These instruments provide verbal and non-verbal measures of creativity and creativity-related constructs. The Adjective Check List includes verbal measures of Creative Personality and Origence-Intellectence. The Barron-Welsh Art Scale provides two non-verbal scale scorings - each a valid measure of creativity.

Creativity is generally thought of as the ability to use the imagination to create original ideas. Those who excel or have great interest in art are considered to have high levels of creativity. However, not all creative people are artists and not all artists are creative. Creativity is also an indicator of openness to experience and ability to generate new ideas, characteristics that can be found in people of various occupations.

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Adjective Check List
Assesses personality traits with a full sphere of descriptive adjectives. The ACL provides a convenient, standardized method for recording and generating meaning for personal attributes of an individual. The ACL form can be used for self or observer ratings and Transform provides self or multi-rater assessment and reporting.
Alternate Uses (Guilford's Alternate Uses)
Measures "flexibility of thinking" in an investigation of creative thinking.
Barron-Welsh Art Scale
A non-verbal and remarkably valid measure of creativity.
Welsh Figure Preference Test
A non-verbal, visually oriented personality measure incorporating the well-known Barron-Welsh Art Scale. It consists of 400 black and white figures to which the subject responds "like" or "dislike."