Alternate Uses (Guilford's Alternate Uses)


Authors: J.P. Guilford, Paul R. Christensen, Philip R. Merrifield, & Robert C. Wilson

Alternate Uses (also known as Guilford's Alternate Uses) is a revised and improved form of the test Unusual Uses, which was originally designed (Wilson, Guilford, Christensen & Lewis, 1954) to represent an expected factor of "flexibility of thinking" in an investigation of creative thinking. Each item represents the name of well-known object, such as a newspaper, with a statement of its ordinary use. The participant is to list as many as six other, uncommon uses for the object, in the time allowed.

The Alternate Uses score relates to:

  • Originality
  • Fluency
  • Flexibility
  • Elaboration

In both forms, Alternate Uses is divided into two separately timed parts of three items each, in order to help the survey participants to distribute their time more equitably among the items. Forms B and C were designed for those test administrators who want two comparable forms of the test, or who would like to increase reliability of measurement by applying both forms. The original Form A has been discontinued although it may be reconstructed using Forms B and C along with instructions in the manual.

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Features of Alternate Uses

Purpose: Measures "flexibility of thinking" in an investigation of creative thinking.

Length: 6 items

Average completion time: 8 minutes

Target Population: 5th grade reading level and higher

Norms in manual: Age

Uses of Alternate Uses

  • Creativity evaluation


Acceptable: the use is possible for the object; must be different than the provided use; must not be vague or very general use

Unacceptable: the use does not qualify as Acceptable

Please read the Alternate Uses Manual for details on scales and scoring.

List as many as six possible uses for each of the following objects.

5. BRICK (used for building)

a. ____________________ (example: to hit someone on the head)
b. ____________________ (example: a paperweight)
c. ____________________ (example: to save water in a toilet tank)
d. ____________________ (example: a doorstop)
e. ____________________ (example: to build a house)
f. ____________________ (example: throw through a window)

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Available with Alternate Uses License to Administer:
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  • Russian
  • Turkish

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