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We are delighted to introduce the Coping Self-Efficacy Scale (CSES) by Dr. Margaret Chesney of the UCSF Osher Center.

The CSES measures an individual’s confidence to perform coping behaviors when faced with life challenges. Usage applications include:
• for counselors to help clients assess coping self-efficacy;
• to identify options for coping;
• as a research instrument for studies on coping and self-efficacy;
• as a stimulus for discussion in clinical, training, and workshop settings.

The CSES includes 3 subscales:
• Problem-focused Coping:
• Emotion-focused Coping, and
• Social Support Coping.

The CSES is administered as a 26-item form.

In other news, the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) authors Maslach & Leiter have just published a terrific new book through Harvard University Press:

The Burnout Challenge - Managing People’s Relationships with Their Jobs

The Burnout Challenge provides pragmatic, creative and cost-effective solutions to improve employee efficiency, health and happiness. To bring the wisdom in the book into action, the Maslach Burnout Toolkit will provide you with both the pattern and extent of burnout and the likely causes.

Chapter 11 of The Burnout Challenge describes methods to improve the workplace social environment.  The Social Encounters Scale (SES) by MBI author Michael Leiter identifies workplace social behaviors and helps to build and maintain a healthy social environment. The SES identifies the source and frequency of civility, incivility, and intimidation in the workplace. 

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