Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory

Individual Report: Adult Form

Individual Report: Adult Form

Builds a report that interprets an individual's CSEI Adult Form scores. You invite participants to take the survey and Transform™ generates their reports.

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Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory - Adult Form (CSEI-AD)
Individual Report

by Stanley Coopersmith
Copyright © 1975, 2015 by Stanley Coopersmith

Upon purchase of a CSEI Individual Report: Adult Form , you will receive an email from which includes a login link to your Mind Garden Transform account where you will administer the CSEI Adult Form survey via a campaign. Follow the steps to create the campaign, set the campaign options, invite your participants to complete the survey, and monitor their progress. Upon a participant's completion of the survey, their CSEI Individual Report: Adult Form is automatically generated and released at your discretion.

Each CSEI Individual Report: Adult Form includes one CSEI Transform Survey Hosting: Adult Form (Data) license (to collect the data) and one CSEI Individual Report: Adult Form license (to generate the report).

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Misconceptions Regarding Self-Esteem
Getting the Most Out of Your Report
Your CSEI Score
Your CSEI Score in Comparison with Norms
Your CSEI Score Compared with Your Local Group
Responses for All Items
Increasing Self-Esteem
Tracking Progress
Reflection: Do These Scores Feel Accurate?
Recommended Reading

Alternative Report Type - Report About Me

If you want a CSEI Adult Form report for yourself only, purchase a CSEI Report About Me: Adult Form.

Coopersmith, Stanley

Stanley Coopersmith, Ph.D., (1926-1979) was a personality theorist and researcher. He was recognized for his work on adult and and child personality. He served in a number of capacities for the National Institute of Child Development, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the federal Office of Child Development.

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