Enright Forgiveness Inventory

Report About Me: "Let it Go"

Report About Me: "Let it Go"

Creates your "Let it Go" Forgiveness Report based on your responses. You complete the survey and Transform™ generates your report. Transform will connect this report to the "Send To" email provided at checkout.

Note: This product is for a single use, with automated survey administration. For multiple uses, buy instead the Individual Report product in quantity needed.

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The Forgiveness Report: "Let it Go"
Report About Me
by Robert D. Enright
Copyright © 2012 by Robert D. Enright

Upon purchase, you will receive an email invitation from invite@mindgarden.com to complete the EFI. After completing the survey, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your report.

The Forgiveness Report: "Let It Go" is a confidential assessment based on the modern day concept of forgiveness or "Let It Go." It allows you to go through the process of expressing your feelings, understanding your emotions and changing your thinking about having been wronged by a person, group or entity. The process of taking the survey and reading the report can create positive, substantive and fundamental change in how you think and feel.

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"Letting It Go"
The Incident You Described
Interpreting Your Results
Your Personal Forgiveness Score
Your Pseudo-Forgiveness Score
Your Affect (Feelings) Scores
Your Behaviors Scores
Your Thoughts Scores
Your Emotional Hurt Score
Phases and Their Underlying Guideposts
Phase 1: Uncovering
Phase 2: Decision
Phase 3: Work
Phase 4: Discovery
Overview of Phases and Guideposts
Forgiveness Development Form
Concluding Thoughts

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Enright, Robert

Robert Enright, Ph.D., is reknowned for pioneering the scientific study of forgiveness. He is a licensed psychologist and professor of educational psychology at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Rique, Júlio

Júlio Rique, Ph.D., is an educational psychologist and Professor at the Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil).