Flow Scales

Manual: Printed for shipping

Manual: Printed for shipping

Includes details on reliability, validity, scoring, etc. and a review-only copy of The Flow Scales. This is a paper product. The manual will be printed, bound, and shipped to you (FedEx shipping costs apply).

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The Flow Scales*
Manual: Printed for shipping
by Sue Jackson, PhD, Bob Eklund, PhD, and Andrew Martin, PhD
Copyright © 2010 by Susan A. Jackson

* The 8 Flow Scales
  • LONG Dispositional Flow Scale - General (DFS-2-General)
  • LONG Dispositional Flow Scale - Physical (DFS-2-Physical)
  • LONG Flow State Scale - General (FSS-2-General)
  • LONG Flow State Scale - Physical (FSS-2-Physical)
  • SHORT Dispositional Flow Scale (S DFS-2)
  • SHORT Flow State Scale (S FSS-2)
  • CORE Dispositional Flow Scale (C DFS-2)
  • CORE Flow State Scale (C FSS-2)

Includes details on administration, scoring, and interpretation, etc., plus a review-only copy of the instrument. In order to reproduce/administer the FLOW, you must purchase one of the following license types:

Transform™ Survey Hosting: DFS-2-General

Transform™ Survey Hosting: DFS-2-Physical

Transform™ Survey Hosting: FSS-2-General

Transform™ Survey Hosting: FSS-2-Physical

Transform™ Survey Hosting: S DFS-2

Transform™ Survey Hosting: S FSS-2

Transform™ Survey Hosting: C DFS-2

Transform™ Survey Hosting: C FSS-2

Remote Online Survey License

License to Reproduce

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The flow contruct
Description and forms of the Flow Scales
Procedures for administering and scoring the Flow Scales
The development and validation of the Flow Scales
Flow Scale score profiles
About the authors

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Eklund, Robert C.

Robert C. Eklund, Ph.D., is Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Advancement and Mode L. Stone Distinguished Professor of Sport Psychology at Florida State University.

Jackson, Susan A.

Susan A. Jackson, PhD, is a sport and exercise psychologist. She has spent her career researching the concept of "flow" - that optimal psychological state popularly known as "being in the zone."

Martin, Andrew J.

Andrew J. Martin, PhD, is an educational psychologist specializing in motivation, engagement, achievement, and quantitative research methods. He is Professor Research Fellow and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Sydney (New South Wales 2006, Australia).