Flow Scales

License to Reproduce

License to Administer

Allows you to administer the FLOW as an online survey via a non-Mind Garden survey system or as a paper and pencil survey. The downloadable PDF file includes one copy of the FLOW, scoring key, and permission to administer the FLOW up to the quantity purchased. The PDF is non-refundable.

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 50 quantity for this product.
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The Flow Scales* (FLOW)
License to Administer

Purchase FLOW License to Administer if you plan to administer the FLOW as an online survey via a non-Mind Garden survey system or as a paper and pencil survey. You retype or reproduce, administer, and score the FLOW yourself.

* The 8 Flow Scales
  • LONG Dispositional Flow Scale - General (DFS-2-General)
  • LONG Dispositional Flow Scale - Physical (DFS-2-Physical)
  • LONG Flow State Scale - General (FSS-2-General)
  • LONG Flow State Scale - Physical (FSS-2-Physical)
  • SHORT Dispositional Flow Scale (S DFS-2)
  • SHORT Flow State Scale (S FSS-2)
  • CORE Dispositional Flow Scale (C DFS-2)
  • CORE Flow State Scale (C FSS-2)

Conditions for Online Use

You agree to:
  • Administer this Mind Garden instrument for research purposes only. This research license is for data collection only and not for providing individual feedback to survey participants.
  • Control access to the instrument. The instrument may not be made available via the open web, nor sent in the message body or as an attachment to survey participants.
  • Avoid using copyrighted items from this instrument on the survey landing page. You should put other items on this landing page, e.g., demographics or informed consent.
  • Put the instrument copyright statement on every page containing questions/items from this instrument. The copyright statement is provided in the enclosed permission letter.
  • Track your license use. Each time a participant opens the survey and has access to the copyrighted items is considered one administration.
  • Compensate Mind Garden, Inc. for each administration.
  • Purchase a license for any additional administrations over the initial purchase quantity, or close the survey.
  • Remove this online survey at the conclusion of your data collection and you will personally confirm that it cannot be accessed.
Caution: If you do not require a unique login for each respondent, the survey method you use may elicit a large number of responses to your survey. You are responsible for compensating Mind Garden for every administration, regardless of circumstances.

Distributing an entire instrument in either the text of an email or as an email attachment is strictly prohibited.

Translations are available free of charge with your FLOW license purchase. Translations are provided in a separate pdf-format file. Select the language from the Translation drop-down list. Need multiple translations? Contact us. Can't find the translation you need? You may request permission to make a translation by requesting/completing the Translation Application Form.

View available translations
  • Chinese-Cantonese - DFS-2-General, FSS-2-General
  • Chinese-Mandarin - DFS-2-Phys, FSS-2-Phys, S DFS-2, S FSS-2
  • Croatian - DFS-2-General, FSS-2-General
  • Dutch - S DFS-2
  • German - DFS-2-Physical
  • Hebrew - S FSS-2
  • Indonesian - FSS-2-General
  • Italian
  • Japanese - DFS-2-Physical, FSS-2-Physical
  • Macedonian - DFS-2-General
  • Norwegian - DFS-2-General only
  • Portuguese - S DFS-2, S FSS-2
  • Russian - DFS-2-General
  • Spanish - FSS-2-General, DFS-2 General only
  • Swedish - FSS-2-General
  • Turkish - DFS-2-Physical, FSS-2-Physical, SDFS-2, SFSS-2

Note: We cannot assure translation quality — many are made by individual researchers and we are not necessarily familiar with the particular language or dialect. Some of the translations are partial and typically do not have validation data. Basically, we offer whatever is available to facilitate your work.

Alternative License Types

Eklund, Robert C.

Robert C. Eklund, Ph.D., is Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Advancement and Mode L. Stone Distinguished Professor of Sport Psychology at Florida State University.

Jackson, Susan A.

Susan A. Jackson, PhD, is a sport and exercise psychologist. She has spent her career researching the concept of "flow" - that optimal psychological state popularly known as "being in the zone."

Martin, Andrew J.

Andrew J. Martin, PhD, is an educational psychologist specializing in motivation, engagement, achievement, and quantitative research methods. He is Professor Research Fellow and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Sydney (New South Wales 2006, Australia).

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