MBI: Human Services Survey

Individual Report

Individual Report: MBI-HSS

Builds a report that interprets an individual's MBI-HSS scores. You invite participants to take the survey and Transform™ generates their reports.

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Maslach Burnout Inventory - Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS)
Individual Report

by Christina Maslach and Susan E. Jackson
Copyright © 2012, 2016 by Christina Maslach and Susan E. Jackson

Upon purchase of a MBI-HSS Individual Report, you will receive an email from info@mindgarden.com which includes a login link to your Mind Garden Transform account where you will administer the MBI-HSS survey via a campaign. Follow the steps to create the campaign, set the campaign options, invite your participants to complete the survey, and monitor their progress. Upon a participant's completion of the survey, their MBI-HSS Individual Report is automatically generated and released at your discretion.

Each MBI-HSS Individual Report includes one MBI-HSS Transform Survey Hosting (Data) license (to collect the data) and one MBI-HSS Individual Report license (to generate the report).

To review a sample MBI-HSS Individual Report, please click here.

View Report Section Titles

1. Introduction
2. The Maslach Burnout Inventory - Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) Scale Descriptions
3. Your MBI-HSS Scale Scores
    MBI-HSS Average Scale Scores of Your Group (if applicable)
4. Your MBI-HSS Percentile Scores Compared to General Population Norms
    Your MBI-HSS Percentile Scores Compared to Your Group (if applicable)
5. General Guidance: Making Sense of Your Results
6. Some Responses to Burnout
7. General Guidance: Can You Make It Better?
8. Suggestions for Reducing Job Stress
9. All MBI-HSS Items by Scale

Group Report

Optionally, a MBI-HSS Group Report - which calculates and summarizes average scores for a group of participants - can be generated from the data collected from the MBI-HSS Individual Reports. Requires the purchase of a MBI-HSS Group Report license. For more info about the MBI-HSS Group Report, please click here.

Alternative Report Type - Report About Me

If you want a MBI-HSS report for yourself only, purchase a MBI-HSS Report About Me.

To view a sample report, click here.

Leiter, Michael P.

Michael P. Leiter, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist interested in the relationships of people with their work. He is a professor at Acadia University and researches through the Centre for Organizational Research & Development (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Maslach, Christina

Christina Maslach, PhD, is a pioneering researcher on job burnout, who has won several awards for her work (most recently, the 2017 Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award). She is a Professor Emerita of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a researcher at its Healthy Workplaces center.

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