Older Persons Counseling Needs Survey

Remote Online Survey License

Remote Online Survey License

Allows you to administer the OPCNS as an online survey via a non-Mind Garden survey system. The downloadable PDF file includes one copy of the OPCNS, scoring key, and permission to administer the OPCNS for up to the quantity purchased. The PDF is non-refundable.

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 50 quantity for this product.
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Older Persons Counseling Needs Survey (OPCNS)
Remote Online Survey License

Purchase OPCNS Remote Online Survey License if you plan to administer the OPCNS as an online survey via a non-Mind Garden survey system. You will be required to agree to Mind Garden's Online Use Policy by completing the Remote Online Use Application Form that you will receive with your license purchase. Upon Mind Garden's review/approval of your Remote Online Use Application, you will be provided permission to administer the OPCNS. You re-type, re-format, administer, and score the OPCNS via the non-Mind Garden survey system.

Terms of Use for Remote Online Survey License
The Remote Online Survey License is a data license for research purposes only. This license grants you permission to collect and disclose (a) item scores and scale scores, (b) statistical analyses of those scores (such as group average, group standard deviation, T-scores, etc.) and (c) pre-authorized sample items only, as provided by Mind Garden, for results write-up and publication.

For example, with purchase of the Remote Online Survey License and when presenting your findings:

  • You may share the group's mean scale scores with survey participants and others.
  • You may not share item text in publications with the exception of the pre-authorized sample items included with license purchase.
  • You may not copy, modify, or paraphrase content from Mind Garden Individual Reports and release that content to your survey participants or others.

Note: this list illustrates some permitted and prohibited uses of the instrument and is not meant to be all-encompassing.

The instrument items, directions, manual, individual report, group report, and any other descriptive information available through Mind Garden is the intellectual property of the copyright holder and can be used only with purchase or written permission from Mind Garden.

Other Terms in Mind Garden's Online Use Policy

Updated 27 June 2018.

Distributing an entire instrument in either the text of an email or as an email attachment is strictly prohibited.

The Remote Online Use Application requires the following information, which is subject to verification.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company/institution
  • Mind Garden order or invoice number
  • Mind Garden instrument name
  • The remote online survey website that you will be using.

Additionally, we require agreement to the following conditions of use.

  • I will administer this Mind Garden instrument for research purposes only.
  • I will not send Mind Garden instruments in the text of an email or as a PDF file to survey participants.
  • I will put the instrument copyright statement (from the footer of my license document; includes the copyright date, copyright holder, and publisher details) on every page containing questions/items from this instrument.
  • I will send screenshots of my online survey to info@mindgarden.com so that Mind Garden can verify that the copyright statement appears.
  • I will compensate Mind Garden, Inc. for each license use; one license is used when a participant first accesses the online survey.
  • I will track my license use.
  • Once the number of administrations reaches the number purchased, I will purchase additional licenses or the survey will be closed to use.
  • I will remove this online survey at the conclusion of my data collection and I will personally confirm that it cannot be accessed.

Please note: if you cannot build and administer your online survey in compliance with our conditions of use, we will not approve your application.

CAUTION: If you do not require a unique login for each respondent, the survey method you use may elicit a large number of responses to your survey. You are responsible for compensating Mind Garden for every administration, regardless of circumstances.

Alternative License Types

Myers, Jane E.

Jane E. Myers, PhD, (1948-2014) was a Professional Counselor and Professor in the Department of Counseling and Educational Development at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Her professional interests included wellness, mid-life and aging issues, assessment, and counselor education.

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