Pandemic Experiences & Perceptions Survey

Research Permission

Research Permission

The authors are making the PEPS available to researchers who meet specific conditions, i.e., for use only in non-commercial research. Not for use in consulting, training, or similar function; not for use in profit-seeking or other financial or commercial purposes.

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Pandemic Experiences and Perceptions Survey (PEPS)
Research Permission

The Pandemic Experiences and Perceptions Survey (PEPS) Research Permission is for a limited period and is provided for research purposes only. To obtain permission to use the Pandemic Experiences and Perceptions Survey, please read the conditions and instructions on this page and then order this product. Note: for permission to use the PEPS in development, commercial, or other circumstances, see the various PEPS license types for purchase on the PEPS products page.

Before starting your research

  • Order the PEPS Research Permission packet if applicable.
  • To administer the PEPS online using a survey platform other than Mind Garden's you will need to complete the Remote Online Use Application Form and get Mind Garden approval. This application is automatically provided to you with purchase of the PEPS Research Permission packet.
  • If you plan to translate the PEPS you will need to order and complete the free Translation Application Form.
  • If you plan to alter the PEPS you will need to order and complete the free Alteration Application Form.
  • All rights to altered and/or translated instruments remain with the instrument authors and copyright holders.

While conducting your research

  • You will only use the PEPS for non-commercial unsupported research purposes. Non-commercial research purposes means that you will not now or in the future directly or indirectly use the content for profit-seeking or other financial or commercial motivations but rather will use the content solely to further research that is purely academic or public-good driven. Your permission to use the content is personal to you and is solely for such non-commercial research purposes.
  • You will use the PEPS in its exact form without any changes to the instructions, rating scale/anchors, order or number of items. All of the items listed in the survey must be used. Researchers with an approved Alteration Agreement are exempt from this provision.
  • You will not provide the PEPS to any other researchers. They must order their own PEPS Research Permission packet.

If you agree to these conditions, add this product to your cart and checkout. You will receive an email with instructions for login and access to the Pandemic Experiences and Perceptions Survey (PEPS) form.

Translations are available free of charge with your PEPS Research Permission purchase. The PDF file includes the English form(s) and the available translated form(s) on separate pages. When ordering, select the language from the Translation drop-down list. Need multiple translations? Contact us. Can't find the translation you need? You may request permission to make a translation by requesting/completing the Translation Application Form.

View available translations
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Romanian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish

Note: We cannot assure translation quality — many are made by individual researchers and we are not necessarily familiar with the particular language or dialect. Some of the translations are partial and typically do not have validation data. Basically, we offer whatever is available to facilitate your work.

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Leiter, Michael P.

Michael P. Leiter, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist interested in the relationships of people with their work. He is a professor at Acadia University and researches through the Centre for Organizational Research & Development (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada).