Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies

Report About Me: Form M (Manager)

Report About Me: Form M (Manager)

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Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies: Form M
Report About Me
by David Kipnis and Stuart M. Schmidt
Copyright © 1999 by David Kipnis and Stuart M. Schmidt

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Introduction to the POIS-M
Your First Attempt to Influence -- Manager
Interpretations of Influence Strategy Scores - First Influence
Your Back-up Strategies
Interpretation of Influence Strategy Scores - Back-Up Strategies
The POIS Profiles
Strategic Influence Theory
Selecting Strategies

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Schmidt, Stuart M.

Stuart M. Schmidt, Ph.D., is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Temple University Fox School of Business and Management. His research interests include leadership, organizational politics, dynamics of virtual authority relationships, cross-cultural team relationships, and the power of wielding power.

Kipnis, David

David Kipnis (1924-1999), PhD, was a leader in understanding the social psychology of power. Kipnis was a fellow of the American Psychological Association, a James McKeen Cattell Fellow of the American Psychological Society, and a member of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.