Group Embedded Figures Test

A classic measure of field dependence-independence

Herman A. Witkin et al

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Finding common geometric shapes in a larger design—this simple assessment yields a wealth of information about field dependence-independence. The Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) was developed for research into cognitive functioning, but it has become a recognized tool for exploring analytical ability, social behavior, body concept, preferred defense mechanism and problem solving style as well as other areas. The GEFT is a twenty-five item assessment which can be taken online (data + scoring) and a Personal Report may be generated. It may also be purchased as a thirty-two page non-reusable booklet.

Manual - 2nd Edition
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The new 2nd Edition GEFT Manual contains the history of cognitive style research and much more in-depth information about the instrument and cognitive style. It also includes many additional norms and references. The 1st Edition GEFT Manual may be ordered by contacting Mind Garden.

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Digital download (PDF)

Includes sample images from the instrument and scoring key, both marked “non-reproducible copy”

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Tutorial Online Survey
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With the new online GEFT you can avoid shipping charges for heavy booklets and enjoy the ease of automated survey administration and scoring. And, for the first time, a Personal Report is available for the GEFT.

The online GEFT was designed to be equivalent to the booklet form, thus preserving 50+ years of cognitive style research. This means that it is now easy and efficient to do this research or provide subjects or clients with the understanding of their cognitive orientation.

The online GEFT was spearheaded by Professor Jack Demick of Brown University. Professor Demick has also conducted an equivalence study showing excellent equivalence between the online GEFT and the booklet form. The equivalence study is part of a very extensive cognitive style research project currently underway at Harvard and Brown.

Note: We are offering this new product at an introductory price. We invite you to try the online GEFT free by contacting Mind Garden.

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Tutorial Personal Report

The GEFT Personal Report is extensive and insightful. Authored by Professor Jack Demick of Brown University, the report contains an interpretation of a person's Field Dependence-Independence scores. It describes the meaning behind the scores and allows the subject to understand the impact of their scores upon career decisions.

Note: We are offering this new product at an introductory price.

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The following volume pricing applies:

Individual report$15.00 each
2-10 reports$14.00 each
11-20 reports$13.00 each
21-50 reports$12.00 each
51-100 reports$11.00 each

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Group Report

In general, a Group Report saves time by doing the group calculations and providing limited interpretation. The purchase of a Group Report must be accompanied by a purchase of Licenses (Online Surveys) since there must be data available for the Group Report to run. You will need one Group Report per campaign (campaign = Online Survey grouping).

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Each package contains 25 non-reusable GEFT inventory booklets, instructions for administering the instrument, and a complementary scoring key. Translations of the instructions are also available in the languages listed below. No matter which of these you order, you are buying the package of 25 inventory books in English and we are including the instructions translated into the specific language.

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About the GEFT (Online or Booklets):

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