Narrow the Gap: A Management Development Workbook


Author: James B. Avey, PhD

This workbook helps emerging human resource management leaders to expand their perspective on the role and practice of human resource management. Participants develop a set of skills related to self-awareness, leadership foundations of human resource management practices and judgment. First, participants go through a series of prompts and questions challenging them to consider their own perspectives on ethics, morals and leadership behavior inside an organization and in their personal conduct. Next, participants learn leadership theories and practices validated by scientific models and applied to their life. Finally, participants integrate self-awareness and leadership perspectives on realistic human resource management scenarios.

The workbook may be used by a consultant, teacher or trainer or be used by a self-guided leader who sets developmental goals and is willing to work to reach them.

The workbook has several sections and some of the information may not be needed by every leader. Upon purchase, we will email you a link to your workbook where you will create an account and acquire a log-in and password.

Copyright © 2011 by James B. Avey

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