Narrow the Gap: A Management Development Workbook

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Report About Me

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Narrow the Gap: A Management Development Workbook
Report About Me
by James B. Avey, PhD
Copyright © 2011 by James B. Avey

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Building Your Human Resource Management Leadership
Chapter 1 - Trust: The Currancy of Leadership
Chapter 2 - Virtues
Chapter 3 - Moral Convictions

Employee Relations
Chapter 4 - Transparency and Justice
Chapter 5 - Gratitude and Compassion
Chapter 6 - Diagnosing Turnover
Chapter 7 - Job Attitudes Worth Building
Chapter 8 - Issues of Gender

Selection and Jobs
Chapter 9 - Fitting People, Jobs and Organizations
Chapter 10 - Information and Virtual Teams
Chapter 11 - Performance Management Between the Eyes

Human Resource Management Exercises
Legal Framework
Sexual Harassment
HR Language

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Avey, James B.

James B. Avey, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA). His areas of expertise are leadership and human resource management.