The term “coping” describes the thoughts and actions a person uses in reaction to a stressful encounter. The stressful event may involve family, a job, friends, or something else important to the person. There are many factors, both helpful and harmful, that make up a person’s strategy for coping with stress.

These instruments measure personal coping abilities and preferences. Many of these instruments are complemented by reports with tips and exercises to help develop healthy coping skills.

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Coping Operations Preference Enquiry
Measures preferences for certain defensive or coping mechanisms.
Coping Resources Inventory
Measures five basic ways people handle stress.
Coping Self-Efficacy Scale
Measures an individual's confidence in their ability to effectively cope with life challenges.
Crisis Stabilization Scale
A clinician-rated instrument to be used with adolescents identified for crisis services. The clinician rates the extent to which an adolescent client has met specific goals related to crisis stabilization.
Hassles & Uplifts
An alternative to the traditional life events approach to measuring stressors.
Ways of Coping Questionnaire
The premier measurement of coping: measures the thoughts and actions people use to handle stressful situations.