These products cater to issues concerning a school setting. This includes assessments using an elementary reading level for school-age children (Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory), assessments that measure education-specific topics (Mathematics Self-Efficacy Scale), and assessments that provide an understanding of the behaviors occurring within the classroom environment (Classroom Environment Scale).

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Classroom Environment Scale
Evaluates the effects of course content, teaching methods, teacher personality, class composition and characteristics of the overall classroom environment.
Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory
Measures attitudes toward self in multiple contexts. Findings demonstrate the relationship of academic achievement to personal satisfaction in adult and school life.
Maslach Burnout Inventory™
Recognized for more than a decade as the leading measure of burnout. The MBI assesses professional burnout in human services, education, business, and government professions.
Mathematics Self-Efficacy Scale
Measures beliefs regarding ability to perform various math-related tasks and behaviors.
School Situation Survey
Assessment of students' perceptions of school-related sources and manifestations of stress.
University Residence Environment Scale
Assesses the social climate of university student living groups.