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Mind Garden, Inc. Releases the Pandemic Experiences & Perceptions Survey (PEPS) to Support Leaders of Front-Line Employees

The new survey is a powerful tool to measure employee experiences during a pandemic

Menlo Park, CA
April 7, 2020

Mind Garden, Inc., publisher of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), announces the release of a new psychological survey, the Pandemic Experiences & Perceptions Survey (PEPS), which enables leaders to rapidly collect information on challenges facing their workers during a pandemic. The PEPS was created by Michael P. Leiter, PhD, co-author of the Areas of Worklife Survey and the MBI.

“The Pandemic Experiences & Perceptions Survey is truly unique in that it allows front-line clinicians to quickly express their immediate concerns and provides leaders invaluable deep insights into the issues that they must address now to ensure long term success as the pandemic evolves.” -- Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the way people work, with implications for employee health, well-being, and work engagement. The PEPS is available now to assess employees’ experiences during a pandemic and provide leaders with key guidance for managing through the crisis, leading the organizational recovery, and anticipating future challenges.

The PEPS provides essential information on:
  • Disruption: See the extent of workflow disruption by area
  • Resources: Identify if and where key resources were adequate to meet demands or suffered critical gaps
  • Risk Perception: Understand employees’ perceived risk as affected by Contact, Control, or Potential Harm
  • Impact on Worklife: including Workload, Control, Reward, Community, Fairness, and Values Congruence
  • Perceptions of Leadership: Employees’ review of Overall Leadership and the Immediate Supervisor

Mind Garden, Inc. is committed to helping organizations through the COVID-19 crisis and is providing the PEPS at a discounted price. With online delivery, robust analytics, and real-time reporting, the PEPS allows leaders to quickly understand and address the challenges facing their staff.

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