Maslach Burnout Toolkit™ for Educators

Individual Report: AWS + MBI-ES

Individual Report: Toolkit for Educators

Builds a report that interprets an individual's AWS and MBI-ES scores. You invite others to take the survey and Transform™ generates their reports.

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Maslach Burnout Toolkit™ for Educators
Individual Report

by Michael P. Leiter, Christina Maslach, Susan E. Jackson, and Richard Schwab
Copyright © 2012, 2017 by Michael P. Leiter, Christina Maslach, Susan E. Jackson, and Richard Schwab

The Maslach Burnout Toolkit for Educators combines the Maslach Burnout Inventory™ Educators Survey (MBI-ES) and the Areas of Worklife Survey (AWS) to measure burnout in the worklife context.

Maslach Burnout Inventory and Areas of Worklife Survey

Upon purchase of a Maslach Burnout Toolkit for Educators Individual Report, you will receive an email from which includes a login link to your Mind Garden Transform account where you will administer the AWS and MBI-ES survey via a campaign. Follow the steps to create the campaign, set the campaign options, invite your participants to complete the survey, and monitor their progress. Upon a participant's completion of the survey, their Individual Report is automatically generated and released at your discretion.

Each Individual Report includes one Transform Survey Hosting (Data) license (to collect the data) and one Individual Report license (to generate the report).

To review a sample AWS and MBI-ES Individual Report, please click here.

View Report Section Titles

1. Introduction
2. Why is Burnout Important?
3. Your Profile
4. Your MBI Results
    Your MBI Scale Scores
    Your Group's MBI Average Scale Scores (if applicable)
    Your MBI Percentile Scores Compared to Your Group (if applicable)
    Your MBI Percentile Scores Compared to General Population Norms
5. Why is the Work Environment Important?
6. What Drives Burnout in the Work Environment?
7. Your Worklife Profile
8. Your AWS Results
    Your AWS Scale Scores
    Your Group's AWS Average Scale Scores (if applicable)
    Your AWS Percentile Scores Compared to Your Group (if applicable)
    Your AWS Percentile Scores Compared to General Population Norms
9. Recommendations

Appendix A. Burnout Profiles
Appendix B. Burnout Profiles and Pattern of MBI Scale Scores
Appendix C. Suggestions for Reducing Job Stress
Appendix D. Solutions for Worklife Problems
Appendix E. Your Responses to the MBI
Appendix F. Your Responses to the AWS

Group Report

Optionally, a Group Report - which calculates and summarizes average scores for a group of participants - can be generated from the data collected from the Individual Reports. Requires the purchase of Maslach Burnout Toolkit for Educators Group Report license. For more info about the Group Report, please click here.

Alternative Report Type - Report About Me

If you want a report for yourself only, purchase a Maslach Burnout Toolkit For Educators Report About Me.

Maslach Burnout Toolkit™ and Maslach Burnout Inventory™ are trademarks of Mind Garden, Inc.

To view a sample report, click here.

Leiter, Michael P.

Michael P. Leiter, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist interested in the relationships of people with their work. He is a professor at Acadia University and researches through the Centre for Organizational Research & Development (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Maslach, Christina

Christina Maslach, PhD, is a pioneering researcher on job burnout, who has won several awards for her work (most recently, the 2017 Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award). She is a Professor Emerita of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a researcher at its Healthy Workplaces center.

Jackson, Susan E.

Susan E. Jackson, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management and Associate Dean for Strategic Planning at Rutgers University (Piscataway, NJ). Her primary areas of expertise include managing for environmental sustainability, work team diversity, and strategic human resource management systems.

Schwab, Richard L.

Richard L. Schwab, Ph.D., is Dean of Neag School of Education and Raymond Neag Endowed Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut (Mansfield, CT). His areas of expertise include educational leadership, educational policy, education reform, teacher education, professional development, executive leadership, and social studies education.

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