Hoffman Vocational Values Scale


Author: Edward Hoffman

The Hoffman Vocational Values Scale (HVVS) yields twelve insightful scales plus an overall measure of job satisfaction. Comprising 25 items, the HVVS identifies areas that affect the individual’s degree of workplace self-actualization, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Based on these scores, the HVVS then provides relevant and specific recommendations for improving job satisfaction. Effective in diverse settings ranging from small businesses to large companies as well as internationally, the HVVS provides specific results for individuals and an organizational profile based on employee responses. The HVVS has proven valuable globally.

Job satisfaction is a key area of psychological and organizational well-being. More than twenty years of research shows that our degree of self-fulfillment at work affects nearly every aspect of our personal lives—-including our family relations, physical energy, and even health. A plethora of research indicates too that when workers feel motivated, creatively challenged, and inspired, their productivity decisively increases. Since the pioneering efforts of Abraham Maslow, psychologists have known that self-actualization in the workplace is a vital goal. Yet, an effective instrument to measure that self-actualization has been badly lacking until now. The Hoffman Vocational Values Scale (HVVS) is rooted in the latest findings of “growth” psychology and organizational development.

Copyright © 2005 by Edward Hoffman

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    Builds a report that interprets an individual's HVVS scores. You invite participants to take the survey and Transform™ generates their reports.
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    Interprets and reports on your HVVS score. You complete the survey and Transform™ generates your report. Transform will connect this report to the "Send To" email provided at checkout. Note: This product is for a single use, with automated survey administration. For multiple uses, buy instead the Individual Report product in quantity needed.
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    Minimum purchase of 20. Allows you to administer the HVVS as an online survey using Mind Garden's Transform™ System. Includes data collection: data file with participants' raw data and raw scale scores. Optionally, Individual Reports can be generated from the collected data - requires the purchase of report licenses. Customization services are available.
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    Minimum purchase of 50. Allows you to administer the HVVS as an online survey via a non-Mind Garden survey system. The downloadable PDF file includes one copy of the HVVS (all forms), scoring keys, and permission to administer the HVVS for up to the quantity purchased. The PDF is non-refundable.
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    Minimum purchase of 50. Allows you to administer the HVVS via a paper and pencil survey. The downloadable PDF file includes one copy of the HVVS (all forms), scoring keys, and permission to reproduce/administer the HVVS for up to the quantity purchased. The PDF is non-refundable.
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Features of the HVVS

Purpose: Measure workplace self-actualization.

Length: 25 items

Target population: Adults

Uses of the HVVS

  • Job satisfaction research, assessment, and development


The Importance of Work

Avocation or "Calling"

Personal Fulfillment

Sense of Physical Safety

Sense of Belongingness and Sociability

Respect and Admiration of Co-Workers

Feeling Respected and Appreciated

Having a Teacher and a Hero

Feeling Creatively Challenged

Feeling Involved and Unhindered

Moments of Joy and Inspiration

Helping to Make the World a Better Place

Selected References

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Articles provided courtesy of IHRIM Journal.

Hoffman's Work on Maslow

The Right to be Human: A Biography of Abraham Maslow, 2nd edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999.

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From the Manual

"Finding self-fulfillment in work is important for most people—and among life's greatest satisfactions. There's also growing scientific evidence that work that we enjoy doing gives us many benefits, both mental and physical. Indeed, having a satisfying, stimulating job may actually improve our health and longevity. Certainly, this makes sense in view of the many hours that individuals spend annually in employment. But how can you tell if your current job is really fulfilling for you? What aspects are most relevant—and meaningful—psychologically?"

— Edward Hoffman, Hoffman Vocational Values Scale

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