Developing the Leader Within


Author: Linda Phillips-Jones

Developing the Leader Within (DLW) is an innovative assessment designed to give feedback on your leadership skill level.

The DLW contains four dimensions covering fifteen skill areas:

  • Developing Within
  • Helping Others Excel
  • Improving Critical Processes
  • Showing Commitment to the Team

The DLW Individual Report and Report About Me interprets your assessment scores and includes the fifteen exercises. For just the exercises, please order the workbook.

Copyright © 1995 by L. Phillips-Jones

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  • $15.00
    Builds a report that interprets an individual's DLW scores. You invite participants to take the survey and Transform™ generates their reports.
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  • $20.00
    Interprets and reports on your DLW scores. You complete the survey and Transform™ generates your report. Transform will connect this report to the "Send To" email provided at checkout. Note: This product is for a single use, with automated survey administration. For multiple uses, buy instead the Individual Report product in quantity needed.
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    This workbook includes the exercises for Developing the Leader Within.  It is available only in PDF format for immediate download and printing.
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Features of DLW

Purpose: Assess and develop leadership skills

Length: 45 items

Average completion time: 10-15 minutes

Target population: Adults in leadership roles

Administration: For individual or group administration

Uses of DLW

  • Assessment of leadership
  • Leadership development


Developing Within:

Developing a Personal Vision
Recognizing Current Reality
Demonstrating Integrity/Insisting On Truth
Taking Calculated Risks
Persisting/Showing Resilience

Helping Others Excel:

Listening Actively
Encouraging with Positive Reinforcement
Inspiring Others to Greatness

Improving Critical Processes:

Initiating/Facilitating Change
Challenging Exisiting Processes
Utilizing Feedback to Improve
Getting Results

Showing Commitment to the Team:

Initiating Collaborative Relationships
Gaining Commitment for a Shared Vision
Seeking Varied Views

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