A Journey of Self-Discovery


Author: Connie Palladino

The Journey workbook contains a number of exercises designed for self-understanding and personal exploration focusing on three areas of your life: past, present, and future. It is ideal for career counseling.

Copyright © 1994 Connie Palladino

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    This workbook contains a number of exercises designed for self-understanding and personal exploration focusing on three areas of your life: past, present, and future. This 49 page workbook is ideal for career counseling. It is available only in PDF format for immediate download and printing.
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Some topics covered are:

  • Lifeline
  • Experiences
  • Past Reflections
  • Life Roles
  • Leisure Interests
  • Work/Life Interests
  • Personal Strengths
  • Values
  • Life Obstacles
  • Time Management Inventory
  • Self and Others Perceptions
  • Work Performance Appraisal
  • Work Skill Strengths
  • Reflections
  • Goal Setting

Excerpt from A Journey of Self-Discovery:

Exercises for Self-Understanding

Your past experiences are the stepping stones to who you are today. Focus on things you feel you have done well or enjoyed, a challenge you have mastered, or a contribution you are proud of. They may relate to family, work, school or leisure activities. List ten pleasurable experiences and/or achievements. An achievement is something you feel you have done well. (Use action verbs: designed..., persuaded..., organized..., published..., etc.); Circle five of your most favorite experiences.

Answer the following questions about each.

What were you doing?

What talents/skills did you use?

What challenges and/or obstacles did you overcome?

What did you enjoy the most about this experience?"

Adjective Check List
Assesses personality traits with a full sphere of descriptive adjectives. The ACL provides a convenient, standardized method for recording and generating meaning for personal attributes of an individual. The ACL form can be used for self or observer ratings and Transform provides self or multi-rater assessment and reporting.
Areas of Worklife Survey
The organizational context of burnout.
Career Beliefs Inventory
Ideal tool to use at the beginning of the career counseling process to explore clients' assumptions, generalizations, and beliefs about themselves and the world of work.
Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale
Measures confidence in ability to complete major career decision tasks.
Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory
Measures attitudes toward self in multiple contexts. Findings demonstrate the relationship of academic achievement to personal satisfaction in adult and school life.
Developing the Leader Within
Developmental exercises to help you improve your leadership skills.
Five Factor Wellness Inventory
A validated measure and effective system for wellness.
Hoffman Vocational Values Scale
Measures workplace self-actualization.
Personality Adjective Check List
The PACL is a 153-item self-report and rating measure of Theodore Millon's eight basic personality patterns for use with normal adults and counseling or psychotherapy clients.
Psychological Capital Questionnaire
Measuring the Resource of Psychological Capital - Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism
Understanding & Managing Your Stress
Offers individuals a comprehensive approach to managing stress.
Work Environment Scale
Helps evaluate productivity, assess employee satisfaction, and clarify employee expectations to ensure a healthy work environment.
Work Self-Efficacy Inventory
Measures a range of job behaviors and practices referring to beliefs in one's command of the social requirements necessary for success in the workplace.