Focused on behavior, attitudes, and perception in the work environment, these instruments are greatly beneficial for organization-wide assessment. These are particularly valuable as assets for understanding the overall perception employees have of their organization, for analyzing how the organization can better fit the needs of employees, and for increasing organizational performance.

Some popular instruments in this topic are the Areas of Worklife Survey + Maslach Burnout Inventory — a combination that provides a measure of burnout with worklife context — and the Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire — a group assessment of the leadership style of a team.

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Areas of Worklife Survey
The organizational context of burnout.
Maslach Burnout Inventory™ (MBI)
Recognized for more than a decade as the leading measure of burnout. The MBI assesses professional burnout in human services, education, business, and government professions.
Maslach Burnout Toolkit™
Combines the AWS and MBI forms to measure burnout with worklife context.
Organizational Description Questionnaire
Measures how often each member of the organization perceives the culture of their unit, department, or organization, to be using transformational or transactional leadership styles.
Psychological Ownership Questionnaire
Assessment of two theoretically derived, unique forms of psychological ownership: Preventative and Promotive.
Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire
Assesses the leadership style of a team. It represents an extension of transforming leadership definitions from the individual to the collective.