Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire


Authors: Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

The Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (TMLQ) assesses the leadership style of a team. It represents an extension of the definition of transforming leadership from the individual to the collective. A team's leadership style is measured using five scales. Three of these scales - inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration - measure an aspect of transformational leadership. The fourth and the fifth scales measure an aspect of management-by-exception leadership and passive-avoidant/laissez-faire leadership, respectively.

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire™ (MLQ) measures the frequency of behaviors of the leaders so it is very close to the actual environment and has high validity. The TMLQ is one step away from measuring leadership behaviors since it is the group (team) of individuals that are being rated.

Copyright © 1996 by Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

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    Includes details on reliability, validity, scoring, etc. and a review-only copy of the TMLQ form. PDFs are not refundable.
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    Builds a report that calculates and summarizes average TMLQ scores for a team of participants.
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Features of the TMLQ

Purpose: Assess the leadership style of a team

Length: 50 items

Average completion time: 15 minutes

Target population: Adults who work in a team

Administration: For individual or group administration

Uses of the TMLQ

  • Leadership assessment in teams
  • Team evaluation


Transformational Leadership:

Build Trust (Idealized Attributes)

Act with Integrity (Idealized Behaviors)

Encourage Others (Inspirational Motivation)

Encourage Innovative Thinking (Intellectual Stimulation)

Coach & Develop People (Individualized Consideration)

Transactional Leadership

Reward Achievement (Contingent Reward)

Monitor Deviations & Mistakes (Management-by-Exception: Active)


Fight Fires (Management-by-Exception: Passive)

Avoid Involvement (Laissez-Faire)

Outcomes of Leadership

Generate Extra Effort

Is Productive (Effectiveness)

Generate Satisfaction

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