The assessment of relationship can take many forms. For starters, there are many types of relationships. A relationship between spouses is significantly different than a relationship between co-workers. But all relationships have to do with one individual interacting with others.

Our products that assess relationships include measurements of marital attitude (Marital Attitude Evaluation), how an individual uses relationships to influence the workplace (Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies), and general interpersonal skills (Inventory of Interpersonal Problems).

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Impact Message Inventory - Circumplex
Offers an innovative method of assessing interpersonal behavior by measuring the attitudes and feelings that the person being studied arouses in the respondent, such as dominance, hostility, submissiveness, and friendliness.
Inventory of Interpersonal Problems
The method to identify interpersonal difficulties.
Marital Attitudes Evaluation
Designed to explore the relationship between spouses or other closely related persons. It is an excellent resource for marriage, school and relationship counseling.
Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies
Evaluates influence strategies in organizational relationships.