Chapin Social Insight Test


Author: F. Stuart Chapin

This 25 item test measures an individual's ability to diagnose a situation involving human interaction, recognize the dynamics underlying behavior, or choose the wisest course of action to resolve a difficulty. It helps to measure social insight, appraisal of others, and how respondents evaluate interpersonal situations.

Copyright © 1960, 1993 by Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

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Features of the Social Insight Test

Purpose: Assess the perceptiveness and accuracy with which an individual can appraise others and forecast what they might say and do.

Length: 25 items

Average completion time: 20-30 minutes

Target population: 13 years and older

Demographics on Form: Age, Gender, Marital Status, Occupation, Years of Education, Other

Uses of the Social Insight Test

  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Psychotherapy

From the Social Insight Test

"The ability to evaluate others and to foretell what may occur in interpersonal and social situations is a talent of importance in many settings. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and others who work with clients face numerous occasions when such forecasts must be made. Political, social, industrial, and religious leaders must comprehend what their followers want and need, and what they might do in different circumstances. Even the average person in everyday life will encounter many situations in which the ability to judge others must play a part. The function, therefore, is fundamentally life-relevant and not merely an artificial concept of the laboratory or theoretical literature. This being true, any valid or partially valid attempt to measure the function should merit attention and support. The Chapin test cannot be offered as a fully valid index (indeed, no test can make this claim), but it can be justified as a carefully constructed instrument addressed to an exceedingly important domain of evaluation."

Mr. Asher, when told that an acquaintance had purchased a new automobile, was heard to criticize him very strongly for spending so much money for a car when he probably could not afford one. Not long after this incident, Mr. Asher himself bought an expensive new automobile. About the same time he placed another mortgage on his house.

Why did Mr. Asher criticize his acquaintance for an act he afterwards performed himself?

a. Because he probably had "money left to him" upon the death of a near relative.

b. Criticism of his acquaintance got rid of an "uneasy feeling" about something he contemplated doing himself.

c. His acquaintance was probably an unsafe driver.

d. In sections of the country long settled and in which Mr. Asher lived, most houses were heavily mortgaged.

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