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April 2018 Newsletter


April 2018 Newsletter

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Research Update

Research Using the Maslach Burnout Inventory™:

Education Outcomes in a Duty-Hour Flexibility Trial in Internal Medicine
Desai, S. V., et al. (2018). New England Journal of Medicine, Published online March 20, 2018. e0192983.
The MBI Human Services Survey measured burnout in 63 internal medicine residency programs. Key findings: (a) reports of burnout were high in flexible programs and standard programs; and (b) burnout prevalences were higher in emergency medicine trainees and lower in surgical trainees than other programs.

Sleep and Biological Parameters in Professional Burnout: A Psychophysiological Characterization
Metlaine, A., et al. (2018). Sleep and biological parameters in professional burnout: A psychophysiological characterization. PLoS ONE, 13(1), e0190607.
The MBI Human Services Survey measured burnout in 140 working professionals at a large French financial company. Key findings: participants with burnout presented (a) higher levels of glycosylated hemoglobin, glycaemia, C-reactive protein, total-cholesterol; (b) lower levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D; (c) higher number of leukocytes, neutrohils, and monocytes; and (d) more job strain, higher levels of anxiety, and sleep disorders related to insomnia.

The Effect of Profession on Burnout in Hospital Staff
Marques, M. M., Alves, E., Queirós, C., Norton, P, & Henriques, A. (2018). The effect of profession on burnout in hospital staff. Occupational Medicine. Published online March 13, 2018.
The MBI Human Services Survey measured burnout in 557 employees of a University Hospital in Portugal. Key findings: nurses, technicians, and administrative staff scored higher levels of emotional exhaustion and lower levels of personal accomplishment compared to other employee groups.

Headline: 'Alarming' Rate of Burnout in Med Students
Medscape Medical News
The Maslach Burnout Inventory was the most favored burnout questionnaire in a meta-analysis of 23 studies involving over 16,700 medical students. The meta-analysis was presented at the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) 2018 Congress by Ariel Frajerman, MD, Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne, Paris, France, and colleagues.

Research Using the Maslach Burnout Inventory and Psychological Capital Questionnaire:

Associations Between Occupational Stress, Burnout, and Well-Being Among Manufacturing Workers: Mediating Roles of Psychological Capital and Self-Esteem
Wang, Z., Liu, H., Yu, H., Wu, Y., Chang, S., & Wang, L. (2017). Associations between occupational stress, burnout, and well-being among manufacturing workers: Mediating roles of psychological capital and self-esteem. BMC Psychiatry, 17(1), 364.
The MBI General Survey measured burnout in 1500 factory workers in Northern region of China. The Psychological Capital Questionnaire was also used to assess hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism. Key findings: psychological capital mediated effort-reward imbalance and burnout dimensions with well-being.

Research Using the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire:

Revisiting the Development and Validation of the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire: Analytical Clarifications
Avolio, B. J., Wernsing, T., & Garder, W. L. (2018). Revisiting the development and validation of the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire: Analytical clarifications. Journal of Management, 44(2), 399-411.
This article reexamined the original research and results of the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire by using more recent recommendations for model tests.

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Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire™ Trainer's Guide Second Edition Released

The long-awaited second edition of the MLQ Trainer's Guide has been released and is available exclusively from Mind Garden. Read more on our blog: MLQ Trainer's Guide Second Edition.

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