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August 2018 Newsletter


August 2018 Newsletter

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Research Updates

Research Using the Maslach Burnout Inventory™:

Physician Burnout, Well-being, and Work Unit Safety Grades in Relationship to Reported Medical Errors
The MBI Human Services Survey was used to measure burnout in nearly 6,700 US physicians in an evaluation of the relationship of major medical errors to burnout, well-being, and work unit safety. Key findings: (a) over half of participants reported symptoms of burnout, and (b) physicians reported errors were more likely to have burnout symptoms, fatigue, and suicidal ideation.
Citation: Tawfik, D. S., Profit, J., Morgenthaler, T. I., Satele, D. V., Sinsky, C. A., Dyrbye, L. N., Tutty, M. A., West, C. P., & Shanafelt, T. D. (2018). Physician burnout, well-being, and work unit safety grades in relationship to reported medical errors. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Published online on July 9, 2018.

Research Using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory™:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is Associated with Increased Anxiety and Depression in Concussed College Athletes
The STAI for Adults was used to measure anxiety in 971 NCAA Division–I college athletes at the University of South Carolina. Key findings: athletes with ADHD who had suffered a concussion reported higher State Anxiety scores
Citation: Gunn, B. S., Kay, J. J. M., Torres-McGehee, T., & Moore, R. D. (2018). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with increased anxiety and depression in concussed college athletes. American Academy of Neurology. (Publishing information not yet available) Available from:

The Impacts of State and Trait Anxiety as Moderated by Perceived Social Support Among Nigerian Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
The STAI for Adults was used to measure anxiety in 50 adult patients at the rheumatology clinic of the Univeristy of Ilorin teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Key findings: (a) trait anxiety associated with perceived social support; and (b) state and trait anxiety were negatively related to patients' quality of life.
Citation: Akintay, R. O., Odunlami, G. J., Bamidele, O. F., Fabiyi, E. P., Akintayo, F. C., Bamidele, O. V., Dedeke, I. A., Osagie, T. T., &s; Ibisola, A. A., (2018). The impacts of state and trait anxiety as moderated by perceived social support among Nigerian patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Ruematologia, 56(3), 155-163.

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New Edition Alert!

Sosik, J. J., & Jung, D. (2018). Full range leadership development: Pathways for people, profit, and planet. New York, NY: Routledge

Full Range Leadership Development: Pathways for People, Profit, and Planet
Management professors John J. Sosik (Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Dongil Jung (Yonsei University, Republic of Korea) teach how to use Full Range Leadership Development to grow transformational leaders in organizations. Includes foreword by Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire™ (MLQ) author Bruce Avolio.

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