Coping Resources Inventory

Group Report

Group Report

Builds a report that calculates and summarizes average CRI scores for a group of participants.

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Coping Resources Inventory (CRI)
Group Report
by M. Susan Marting and Allen L. Hammer
Copyright © 1988, 2004 by Susan Marting and Allen Hammer

A CRI Group Report provides group calculations and limited interpretation. Requires purchase of CRI Transform Survey Hosting (Data) licenses or CRI Individual Report licenses (to collect the data) and a CRI Group Report license (to generate the group report).

To review a sample CRI Group Report, please click here.

View Report Section Titles

Definition of Scales
This Group's CRI Scale Scores
Group Agreement
Comparison to Norms by Gender -- Female
Comparison to Norms by Gender -- Male
This Group's Most Frequently Used Coping Resources
This Group's Least Frequently Used Coping Resources
All Items by Scale
Reflection: Do these scores feel accurate

To view a sample report, click here.

Hammer, Allen L.

Allen L. Hammer, Ph.D., is an author, consultant and researcher.

Marting, M. Susan

Contact Info for Dr. Marting:

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