Social Skills


Social skills are the behaviors used to manage relationships. We use social skills to participate in, and react to, social interactions. Key factors include shyness, expressivity, sensitivity, control, accurate appraisal, and how people perceive behaviors.

Instruments like the Chapin Social Insight Test and Social Skills Inventory measure social perceptiveness and competence. Other instruments, like those in the Social Climate Scales, measure social behaviors within a specific environment (eg. family, work, school) to address that environments can impact the social skills one uses or is perceived to use.

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Chapin Social Insight Test
Assess the perceptiveness and accuracy with which an individual can appraise others and forecast what they might say and do.
Impact Message Inventory - Circumplex
Offers an innovative method of assessing interpersonal behavior by measuring the attitudes and feelings that the person being studied arouses in the respondent, such as dominance, hostility, submissiveness, and friendliness.
Social Climate Scales: A User's Guide
This Guide to the Social Climate Scales introduces the ten Scales and gives an overview of their use.
Social Encounters Scale
Enables organizations and researchers to profile the social dynamics of a workplace.
Social Reticence Scale
A valuable measure for understanding shyness as a unique and separate dimension of personality.
Social Skills Inventory
A measure of verbal, non-verbal social competence and emotional intelligence.