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Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

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The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) offers researchers the most validated and efficient measure of Transformational Leadership, as well as a full range of leadership behaviors. The MLQ is also known as the "MLQ 5X short" or "standard version" of the MLQ. Most researchers choose to buy 2 products: 1) the Manual, and 2) License to reproduce or administer the MLQ 360 Form 5X Short. For online use on Mind Garden's Transform system, choose the Online Survey option(no re-typing, we collect your data, and raw scale scores are provided. We can also add your demographic questions for a fee). For use with an outside online survey website like Survey Monkey, choose the PDF option (you will re-type, reformat, and no scoring provided), and after you place your order you must complete the permission form for online use (See FAQs for link to form). (Note: The License to Reproduce/Administer is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY)

MLQ Manual

Bernard M. Bass & Bruce J. Avolio

The MLQ Manual, 3rd Edition, includes information on administration, interpretation, validity and reliability of the MLQ (Form 5X Short - the benchmark) as well as extensive research conducted with the MLQ. It also includes chapters on development, theory, use and topics such as gender differences and diversity.

This Manual includes a non-reproducible copy of the MLQ 360 Form 5X Short (both Leader/Self and Rater forms) along with scoring methodology and tips for scoring.

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Digital download (PDF)

Includes non-reproducible instrument and scoring key, both marked “non-reproducible copy”

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MLQ 360 (Form 5X short--the benchmark)

This is for paper/pencil use and for do-it-yourself online use, for Leader form, Rater form or both. Add together the total number of leaders and raters and multiply by the number of times you will administer the survey to each participant. To use the MLQ on Mind Garden's Online Survey system so that you can get scoring (included) and Group Reports (optional), see below.

License to Use - purchasing options
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For pricing for larger quantities, please click here

MLQ 360 (Form 5X Short) for Research -- Online Survey

Conduct your survey on Mind Garden's Transform online survey system and receive raw data + scale scores by respondent in a .csv file. This service is priced per leader with a limit of 25 raters per level and is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE GOING TO put the MLQ on a do-it-yourself online survey site. Instead, first purchase a pdf license for the needed quantity (above) and then complete our Online Use application (see FAQ #7).
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Tutorial Multi-rater Online Survey

With narrative feedback. Select the desired number of leaders from the drop-down menu.

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* We charge $100 to set up your MLQ Online Survey. This price includes one leader. Additional leaders can be added at a cost of $5 each.

 For more than 100 leaders, please contact us.

MLQ 360 (Form 5X Short) for Research -- Group Report

Group Report

In general, a Group Report saves time by doing the group calculations and providing limited interpretation. The purchase of a Group Report must be accompanied by a purchase of Licenses (Online Surveys) since there must be data available for the Group Report to run. You will need one Group Report per campaign (campaign = Online Survey grouping).

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If you need to order more than one Group Report, please contact us

Assessment Scales

The MLQ assesses a full range of leadership behaviors:

Transformational Leadership
Transactional Leadership
Outcomes of Leadership

Note: The classic form of the MLQ includes both self and rater forms. The self form measures self perception of leadership behaviors. The rater form is used to measure leadership as perceived by superiors, peers, and subordinates. A longer explanation is on the FAQ page.

MLQ - Self Only - Online Survey

MLQ - Rater Only - Online Survey

Organizational Description Questionnaire

Team Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Tiny Mindgarden logoIf you are a consultant or corporation doing individual development work with the MLQ, please see MLQ for Leadership Assessment & Development

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