Social Skills Inventory

A measure of verbal, non-verbal social competence and emotional intelligence

Ronald E. Riggio

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The Social Skills Inventory (SSI), also known as the Self-Description Inventory, assesses basic social skills that underlie social competence. It evaluates verbal and non-verbal communication skills and identifies strengths and weaknesses. The instrument is useful in individual and couples counseling, management and leadership training, and health psychology.

The SSI assesses skills in these key areas:

The Manual/Sampler Set contains valuable information about the use and interpretation of scores as well as current reliability and validity information.

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Includes non-reproducible instrument and scoring key, both marked “non-reproducible copy”

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Tutorial Personal Reports

Let us do the administration for you. We will send you a link to a unique and secure online "control panel" where you will enter clients names and email addresses. Clients will be sent an email with a secure url address to take the evaluation* in privacy at their convenience. You can monitor their progress from your control panel. Instruments will be scored and a report returned to you. Select the desired number of reports from the drop-down menu.
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Group Report

In general, a Group Report saves time by doing the group calculations and providing limited interpretation. The purchase of a Group Report must be accompanied by a purchase of Licenses (Online Surveys) since there must be data available for the Group Report to run. You will need one Group Report per campaign (campaign = Online Survey grouping).

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Social Skills Training Guide

Ronald E. Riggio and Ryan K. Merlin

The Social Skills Training Guide is a resource guide for Social Skills training and development. Based on many years of scientific research and development on human social skills, it is suitable for beginning, middle, and advanced trainers. The guide has been designed to be replicable and flexible to allow you as the trainer to identify and accommodate the needs of your clients. It provides exercises for the classroom and outside of the classroom.
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Sample Inventory Question

The SSI features ninety statements that indicate an attitude or behavior that may or may not be characteristic or descriptive of the test-taker. Individuals respond to each question based on a five point scale ranging from "Not at all like me" to "Exactly like me."

1 2 3 4 5
Not at all like me A little like me Like me Very like me Exactly like me

A. I am usually wary of strangers. 1 2 3 4 5

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